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joint replacement in australia

Developed in conjunction with St. Vincent’s Hospital, the SMART registry is a comprehensive database examining joint replacement in Australia.

Informing the decision-making process with the right information to improve patient outcomes.

Using the St. Vincent’s Health Australia network, the SMART registry will link nationwide hospital systems to record details of joint replacements performed around Australia to inform health policies and innovate new technology that will improve patient outcomes.

What milestones are we looking to achieve in the next 12months, 5 yrs, 10 yrs?

about the database
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Data collection

With the support of surgeons and clinics across Australia, we are collecting data from nationwide networks that capture different communities.

Linking Data

Linking data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, we are learning more about the communities that use health services and finding gaps that need to be addressed to improve health outcomes.

Interpreting the numbers

We're using the database to tackle multiple health issues in the community by examining different factors:

linked datasets

The SMART registry is a comprehensive database that links information gathered from numerous Australian sources to reveal behaviours and patterns of patients who undergo total joint replacement.

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