Making an impact on the osteoarthritis journey by 

OPtimising oUtcomes, equity, cost-effectiveness and patient Selection

our mission

To improve the evidence-based treatment of patients with severe osteoarthritis.

We are a network of surgeons, physiotherapists, health economists, biostatisticians, general practitioners and more, designed to translate evidence-based research into practical health policies that will streamline osteoarthritis management for better patient outcomes.

Traditionally, the work to fill knowledge gaps in osteoarthritis treatment has been undertaken by isolated specialist groups. This disjointed approach is limited in its capacity to translate research into policy and practice.

Informed by strong stakeholder input, the approach of OPUS is to bring together experts with the breadth and depth of skills required across the integrated translational process: from clinical processes and decision making, to economic modelling and implementation science.

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our research

OPUS is working towards its mission by focusing on five streams that have been designed to improve and streamline the OA journey. This is a more personalised approach to produce better patient outcomes rather than a ‘one size fits all’ management program for all people with OA.