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OPUS regularly hosts webinars that cover a range of topics and skills geared towards students, researchers and the general public. This page is dedicated to research impact:

Your work is worthy and important.

You know this, but how do you tell and convince others that it’s important?

Why are you posting your latest publications on Twitter?

Finding out your research impact is essential to promote your work and your abilities as a researcher. Stay tuned to this page as we dive into RESEARCH IMPACT and bring you relevant content to help your academic journey!

Research Impact

Writing for Impact


Join Ken Knight (Research Impact Manager at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, @KentheKnight) as he takes us through a webinar on research translation and impact.

In this webinar, Ken provides an overview of what research impact is, defines the “key ingredients for impact” and illustrates some of the complexities associated with the assessment of research impact – including ‘impact washing’. This webinar is perfect for researchers of all levels and speaks to the core of all scientific endeavours, ultimately reflecting on the fundamental question all researchers should be asking themselves – that being “what impact am I looking to make with my research?”.

For access to the slides and additional resources click here.  


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