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Looking for more information on osteoarthritis from experts in the field?

We’re exploring the world of musculoskeletal research by interviewing clinicians, researchers and patients and explaining what it all means for you to ensure you have everything you Kneed to Know.


Consumer Advocate Marion sits down with Prof Peter Choong to break down osteoarthritis, the cause and risk factors and Marion’s own experience with osteoarthritis.

Our guest host, MD student and health economist, Liam Fernando-Canavan, took some time out of Prof Peter Choong’s busy schedule to discuss OA, surgery and knowing when to operate on patients.  

Our guest host, MD student and health economist, Liam Fernando-Canavan, is back to chat with A/Prof Christian Barton (@DrChrisBarton) about GLA:D (Good Life with osetoArthritis: Denmark), an exercise program that educates both practitioners and patients. What is it that makes it successful for some OA patients?

Our Research Assistant, Amanuiel Taddese, sat down with renowned physiotherapist Prof Peter O’Sullivan to understand how patients perceive pain and use their body to compensate their perceptions. How can we overcome these fears to improve a patient’s quality of life?

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