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Consumer Advocate Marion sits down with Prof Peter Choong to break down osteoarthritis, the cause and risk factors and Marion’s own experience with osteoarthritis.

Our guest host, MD student and health economist, Liam Fernando-Canavan, took some time out of Prof Peter Choong’s busy schedule to discuss OA, surgery and knowing when to operate on patients.  

Our guest host, MD student and health economist, Liam Fernando-Canavan, is back to chat with A/Prof Christian Barton (@DrChrisBarton) about GLA:D (Good Life with osetoArthritis: Denmark), an exercise program that educates both practitioners and patients. What is it that makes it successful for some OA patients?

Our Research Assistant, Amanuiel Taddese, sat down with renowned physiotherapist Prof Peter O’Sullivan to understand how patients perceive pain and use their body to compensate their perceptions. How can we overcome these fears to improve a patient’s quality of life?

Professor Peter Choong sat down with Professor Stephen Duckett during our 2021 OPUS Forum to discuss all things health economics and osteoarthritis. The two discuss the economic implications of inappropriate surgical care, the  system-wide burden of OA and the importance of feedback in health care.

In this episode, we look back to one of the highlights of the OPUS Forum. Dr Jonathan Bullen and Dr Ivan Lin take us through the intricacies of conducting clinical research with Aboriginal communities. They discuss the distrust associated with conventional research, the importance of building trust within the communities, and how a simple ‘yarn’ can be an effective qualitative research tool.

In today’s episode, we continue exploring some of the highlights from our OPUS Forum. This time it is Sid Rele (MD-PhD candidate, University of Melbourne) and his presentation on the principle of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS). Sid uses the example of joint replacement surgery to discuss how an ERAS pathway can be implemented into a surgical procedure to produce better outcomes for patients.

In today’s episode, OPUS’ early career researcher Dr. Samantha Bunzli explores how our language can influence our perception of musculoskeletal pain and why we should alter the way we speak about osteoarthritis. Have a listen to Dr. Bunzli’s 5 tips to change the way we speak about musculoskeletal pain. 

In today’s episode, we revisit one of our favourite presentations from the OPUS Forum. PhD candidate, Tara Binnie, takes us through the unique relationship between knee confidence and physical movement and highlights the surprising research that seemingly contradicts patients’ and clinicians’ real-world experiences. This episode is perfect for clinicians, researchers, and patients to gain insight into the psychology that underlies knee confidence in osteoarthritis!

In this special episode, we welcome Professor Jane Gunn (GP, Chair of Primary Care Research at The University of Melbourne, and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences) to discuss the integral role primary care providers have in managing patients with osteoarthritis (OA). We also discuss the interplay between mental and physical health when it comes to OA and what patients should ‘expect’ from their GPs.

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