Research areas:
  • Qualitative research
  • Beliefs and 
  • Physiotherapy
The University of Melbourne

Dr Samantha Bunzli

BPhty (Hon), GradCert (Research Methodology), PhD

Sam uses qualitative methodologies to explore the experience of musculoskeletal pain from the perspective of those suffering pain, and the experiences of clinicians treating them. She has expertise in a range of qualitative methodologies including qualitative studies embedded within an implementation framework.

As a post-doctoral fellow with OPUS, she is involved in a range of qualitative projects spanning four OPUS streams. This has provided Sam an opportunity to work with, and learn from, a large network of researchers. It has also enabled her to apply her skills to a diverse range of studies such as: a prospective investigation of patient pathways to and expectations of joint replacement surgery; a case series intervention study of a non-operative alternative to surgery for advanced osteoarthritis; and a nation-wide behaviour change intervention to increase evidence based decision making among Orthopaedic Surgeons.  

Dr Bunzli mentors and supervises PhD students using qualitative research approaches to advance orthopaedic care. She currently co-supervises PhD students investigating patient-reported outcomes from joint replacement surgery; exploring the health literacy of patients undergoing joint replacement; and the impact of osteoarthritis among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Sam is also co-chair of the OPUS Education and Training Committee.

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