Research areas:
  • Biostatistics
  • Musculoskeletal pain
Curtin University

Professor Anne Smith

PhD, MBiostatistics, GDipSportsPhysio, BAppSci (Physiotherapy)

Professor Anne Smith is a Professor and Senior Lecturer at the School of Physiotherapy at Curtin University, where she conducts high impact clinical research in musculoskeletal pain disorders and  physical activity and supervises higher degree research. In addition to qualifications in physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy and a PhD in biomechanics, Anne also has a Masters degree in biostatistics, and her expertise in clinical biostatistics provide much needed sophistication of analyses in the field of musculoskeletal disability for her research team and for her many other research collaborations. Anne has published over 150 papers with her teams in international, peer-reviewed journals, and has achieved nationally competitive grant success, through both NHMRC Project Grant and Fellowship funding.

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School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, Curtin University: Professor

The Raine Study: Scientific Director

GLA:D Australia: Tutor